Plant Care Guide

Watering Schedule

Bushes: Water twice weekly in the summer for approx. 90 minutes when the plants are new and then add 10-15 minutes a year up to a total of 150 minutes. In the winter water the bushes once weekly for the same amount of time. Please note that there are a few drought tolerant plants that are run on the tree line.

Trees & Palms: Water trees and palms every 5th day in the summer using the skip days setting in the irrigation controller. Water for approx. 120 minutes the first summer and add 10-15 minutes a year up to a total of 180 minutes. Water the trees and palms every 10th to 12th day in the winter for same amount of time. After two years the homeowner should buy emitters for each tree and double the number of emitters. There are small spaghetti line 3-way tees available which eliminate the need to find the main poly piping. Add the new emitters further away from the base of the tree.

Cactus: These are watered by a dedicated sprinkler zone. They need minimal watering after the first month. New cactus need to be watered once a week for the first month regardless of the time of the year. Cacti are watered twice a month in the summer only. It is not necessary to water cactus in the winter unless there has been no rain for six weeks or longer.

There is a one year guarantee for one free replacement on all plants. Any replacements thereafter are charged full replacement cost. The warranty does not cover owner neglect, unusual weather circumstances, or storm damage.

Fertilizing and Care for Your New Landscaping

Fertilizing: All plants and cactus have been fertilized with slow release pills at the time of installation. All plants have been watered with Miracle Grow when installed to alleviate transplant shock. The slow-release pills are good for one year after which the pills can be purchased. Install the pills 3-4" into the soil using 2-4 pills on each shrub and 6-12 pills on each tree. Insert no more than 2 pills into any one hole. Supplement any acid loving plants such as palms and dwarf bottlebrush with Mir-acid. Follow the manufacturer's directions on the box. Apply Mir-acid every other week except in the hot months. Also, supplement citrus trees 3 times per year (Feb., May, and Oct.) with citrus food.

Frost Protection: Certain plants such as citrus trees, Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, and Lantana are frost tender. They must be covered when the temperature drops below 30 degrees. Use sheets or blankets. Do not use plastic. Some plants may get frosted, no matter what, if the temperature falls below 24-25 degrees. Leave the frosted branches on the plants until March 1. After this date you may prune the damaged ends.
Pruning: Keep plants pruned on a regular basis. A natural look should be striven for rather than a sheared, rounded, or boxy look. If plants get leggy do not be afraid to clip the plant by half or more. The plant will fill out shortly. Do not trim citrus like a regular tree. The branches on a citrus tree should be left almost touching the ground, as that is where a good number of the fruit will grow.

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